7 Things to Consider When Choosing an SEO Friendly Domain Name

There are a number of advantages in choosing an SEO powered and keyword-rich domain, It is very important to consider the pros and cons of these choices, as much of the consequence lays on what sort of web you would like to create for your purpose.
Selecting a “brandable” domain name is a plus as it will be easily remembered and will help you with your brand creation.
Many of the most popular websites such as Reddit, Facebook, E-bay, Amazon, don’t even have a single keyword in their domain name itself but rather, they concentrate on a catchy, unique word.
When it comes to the domain name, one of the most common questions always revolves around SEO and its relation to Google ranking.
Yes, it’s true that having a domain name such as Movies.com will definitely give you a big advantage over any types of competitors in business.
The only main downside of it is the high price tag that comes along. You’ll have to remember that domain name is just one of many ranking factors that affect your website ranking.
Other factors such as quality content, unique site structure and top quality backlinks lead a stronger domain name and become less of an issue.
Setting the domain name as short as possible is usually a very good sign of a domain. As an example, movielist.com is more probably to rank better than myfavouritemovielist.com.
One of the most frequently discussed features of domain names is whether the use of hyphens will be a disadvantage when it comes to SEO.
Most of the people would rather purchase a domain such as foodlover.com than food-lover.com, having said that there are times when you have to prepare to agree.
Most SEOs agree that hyphens are considered as a divider by each search engines which means that using hyphens can help to verify a website’s topic matter and content.
By Adding a hyphen to make the domain name food-lover.com would help the search engines read it properly.
Not only is this the factor where your website visitors will find you and your web content, but the domain name you select also can and does effect on your search visibility. Since there are a lot of domain alternative than ever before and there are still best applications you should stick to if you want to see excellent results. This means you have more options than ever before; it won’t make choosing a domain easier. In order to ensure you get the right SEO driven domain for the business, consider these tips as highlighted on <a href=”http://websitebuilderau.com/”>website builder</a>:

7  Tips to an SEO friendly Domain Name

1. Keywords are Key

Before you log into to your preferred domain registrar, take time as much as you want to brainstorm a few ideas.
It can always be helpful to have 4 to 5 words related to your product or business when doing this brain exercise.
These words and expressions should clearly explain what you will do. Mix them together and study what looks great and makes sense.
Don’t forcibly do the process, just let it flow.
As an example, we will say you are going to start a grocery shop.
Some terms you want to add will be the city, fresh fruits, sanitary equipment so on. Use prefixes and suffixes to support you, make a good domain which grabs attention. You may end up with a domain name like makegoodfood.ca

2. Make the domain name unique

Your domain name is a huge part of your brand. Making sure it stands out is extremely important. Never go with a domain that is a close variant of another famous brand name since it can lead to confusion.

3. Always Go for a .COM

If you are serious about making a long-lasting brand online, there is nothing better than a “.com. “Using a 301-redirect to crawl web traffic to a ‘’.net ‘’or ‘’.org ‘’ that’s fine, but getting the .com or the same top level domain for your target market country is hard.
There are lots of reasons why the ‘’.com ‘’ factor matters, but the most important one is your visitors.
While there are a number of top-level domains to select from, ‘’.com’’ still brings most trust with it.
Here is a great infographic created by websitebuilderau.com showing the top TLDs source
top TLDs
Most internet visitors are still uninformed that the other top level domain exist and might think twice to click and go when they see.
Create it easy for your clients and select a .com. You all thank me later.

4. Make domain name easy to type

If your domain name is difficult to type, users will not type. Difficult words to spell and long domain name strings can be extremely blockers to your users. 

5. Make it memorable

Word of mouth branding method is still the best of all. If you really want your brand to spread faster, make sure to make your domain easy to remember. Building a unique website won’t matter if no one can remember your website’s name.

6. Keep the domain name short

Shorter domain names are easier to remember and type and also allow more of the domain name to appear in the Search engine result pages (SERP), those can nicely fit on business cards and look great in other offline media.

7. Create and meet expectations

Let me put it this way, what is the expectation you need to see for the first time someone hears your URL? If that person can’t quickly catch what you do or who you are, you will realize that you have a problem.
Domains like Amazon and Google sound awesome, however, they might need a lot of marketing efforts and branding to get them to the mass. On the other hand, domains like Homes.com, and Overstock.com let you know what to expect up front.


It is very important to pick the best domain name for your future business; domain is where you do represent your business online. Just as in real estate, place matters the most. Picking a domain that clearly shows your visitors and all search engines who you are and what you do will help you initiate your brand online.
Make sure not to just pick a domain. Take some time and select the best SEO friendly domain for your business.

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