How Can You Hijack the Hijacker!!

On March 29th, 2016, EgyptAir Flight MS181 was hijacked by a passenger who claimed he was wearing an explosive belt. The belt was found fake later on and the hijacker’s demands are still unclear. It is also good to know that no one got hurt in this event.

Ok, this is all over the news and media, however, we are not here today to tell you about something that you already know! We are not a news agency. We are here to shed light on one very interesting post shared by a travel agency called Lions Trips

How Did They End Up Hijacking the Hijacker!

Here is the post 


Book with us a trip to Hurghada for 7 days for 180EGP, maybe you get hijacked and diverted to Cyprus. You might even get lucky and end up in France or Italy!

In my opinion this is one of the most creative and successful posts I have seen for a while. They basically hijacked the news and used it in their favor.


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This sort of agility gives brands (small or big) the edge to seize opportunities at the perfect timing. While those social media teams celebrate the victory, other advertiser spend thousands of dollars trying to figure out what went wrong with their campaigns.

An Old Tactic used by Oreo at the Super Bowl blackout

During a super bowl game, there was a power outage for almost 34 mins. Everyone was sitting there nothing to do. The Oreo social media team, jumped in and came up with this ad saying “No Power? No Problem … You can still dunk in the dark!” This ad brought around 15,000 re-tweets and 20,000 likes on Facebook.

Oreo tweet at the superbowl backout

In a very saturated environment, where advertisers are spending millions of dollars to get a spot, having a real time social response from a brand is proven to be a killer.

So way to go Lions Trips team!   


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