7 Reasons Why You MUST have SEO

1-    Target people who are specifically looking for your product: 

Unlike paid ads, which are best known for bombarding users with unwanted or irrelevant ads, SEO campaigns will work in your favour by ensuring that your product will only appear to people specifically searching for it. Chances that people click on your website vs a paid ad are incredibly higher.

2-   SEO will cost you a lot less:

Compared to the paid campaigns costs, social media marketing or purchasing leads, SEO has a good ROI. Although PPC may bring more clients your organic SEO is an essential part of your online presence.

3-   SEO is long lasting:

The effect of an SEO campaign will last for months after you have stopped the campaign. With the paid ads, once you reach your budget, the minute the ad stops, branding will stop and conversion rate will decrease. 

4-   Be there for the customer before your competitor:

Nowadays, almost all the customers search online for products and reviews before placing the order. Whether it is a book from Amazon, a barber shop or a restaurant, it has to have online presence. The question is, do you want your prospect customers to be able to locate your business, or not?  Are you willing to give them away to your competitor?

5-   With good SEO, Google will like you:

Google and other engines are getting more and more smarter in the way they look at a website. If your content doesn’t add value to your clients, they will not share over different social networks. If what you offer is not of interest to customer, so why would Google bother to show it? Remember search engines are here to help Internet users find relevant and interesting information they are searching for.

 6-   Whether you like it or not, your competitors are doing it: 

Imagine you offer the best product/service and price in the market, but people have hard time knowing about it. Now imagine your competitor offers a lousy service, but clients find it easily. In other words, it is their only option. Which service would sell easier? Don’t let your competitors out perform you by neglecting this crucial tool.

 7-   It is said that “you can hide a dead body in page 3 on Google”

So you have invested your time and money in developing a great website. Sadly, search engines have hard time understanding, indexing and ranking it. Unless you rank high for relevant keywords to your business, you website will fall to further pages on search engines. Don’t be that dead body!!!


Don’t consider SEO a cost, I would say consider it as an investment – a great one! Always remember that SEO can help you build your business by getting you in front of your potential customers at right moment – not when they are watching a video on Youtube, not when they are looking at their streamline on Facebook, but exactly when they are searching for the products and services you provide.

Don’t under estimate the power of SEO but also don’t forget Remember that SEO is part of a larger marketing plan (which by the way should include paid ads too).


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